TEMPORARY OFFICE HOURS: 9am-2pm on Tuesday & Thursday only

You are always welcome to call us at (901) 495-9411 for assistance.

We would like to share the steps we are taking at Rikard & Neal to do our part in limiting the spread of COVID-19. We want to do everything we can to keep both our clients and our staff as safe as possible, while still providing you the highest level of service. Our office has contingency plans to allow our staff to work from home, so we will be able to handle your tax filing needs even if there is a general quarantine. We intend to keep our offices open throughout tax season, but as suggested by the CDC, we will limit person-to-person contact as much as possible. We will also suspend face-to-face meeting to the extent possible and replace them with telephone meetings to go over any questions or concerns you have with your tax return. With that in mind, we would like to remind you of the options you have to send & receive data and to sign your tax return.

Data Sharing with Rikard & Neal:

The most secure method of sharing data is through our private, secure portal system.

Using our portal is as easy as online banking. And, it is completely secure, thereby reducing risk of identity theft & cybercrimes. In addition to enhanced security, your portal will enable you to do business with us from any trusted high-speed internet connection, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through the portals you can:

  • View and print your tax returns
  • Send your documents to us securely
  • View and pay invoices

Other options to share data with Rikard & Neal:

  • You can still drop off your data at either office location. To comply with the CDC suggested social distancing, we will provide an area in both offices where you can drop off and pick up your data, to limit the face-to-face interaction.
  • You can fax your data to our office at (901) 685-9861.
  • You can email your data to our office but, be aware this is a less secure method than using the portal.
  • You can use one of the overnight delivery services (FedEx, UPS, Postal Service) to deliver your documents.
  • We suggest if you use this method that you only send copies of your document and you retain the originals. Also, if you send your data via these services, please call or email our office to let us know to expect them and to provide tracking codes.

Ways to Sign your Return:

The quickest and easiest way to sign your return is to utilize our electronic signature services.

This will allow you to sign your individual income tax returns electronically using your smart phone or computer. This is an IRS approved method that asks you personal questions to verify your identity.

Other options to sign your return:

  • Ways we can send your signature pages to you:
    • You can pick up and sign your return in the office. We will utilize the same procedures as above to comply with the CDC suggested social distancing of 6 or more feet.
    • If you elected to have your return sent through our portal, you can print the signature page from the portal.
    • We can fax your signature pages to you.
    • We can email signature pages to you in a password protected PDF file. Keep in mind that email is not as secure as either the electronic signature service or the portal system.
    • We can mail your signature pages via the US postal service.
  • Ways you can get your signed signature pages back to us:
    • If you have a portal account, you can scan your signature pages into the portal.
    • You can fax your signature pages to our office at (901) 685-9861.
    • You can email your signature pages to but, be aware this is a less secure method than using the portal.
    • You can take a photo of the signature pages and text it to us at (901) 685-9411. Please follow up by mailing the original signature pages via US Mail.

To set up either a portal account or electronic signature, please call Vickie Chadwick at (901) 685-9411, ext 104 or email her at

We appreciate your patience as we try to keep you and our staff safe during this unusual situation. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at either office and we will be glad to address your concerns or walk you through using any of the tools described above.


Rikard & Neal CPAs, pllc